Switching to Weekly Posts.

Or: Slowing the Pace of my Content Publishing Cadence.

Switching to Weekly Posts.

Umm... Yeah. OK, my last post said I was switching to a daily publishing schedule. Well... I changed my mind. Or: I had my mind changed for me. You see, I have this lazy gene that sabotages every attempt that I make to better my life. That lazy gene has been whispering in my ear over the last few days. (Is it worth the trouble? Why are you working so hard? What if it doesn't work? How can you face up to the embarrassment when you fail?") Yes, it has a seductive voice. But luckily, I've been making notes and writing posts while it wasn't looking.

I will sneak articles online while it's distracted by a fast-food binge, and then I'll pretend that nothing happened. "Posts? What posts?"

Until next time: Be safe, be kind, be awesome.

And don't listen to arseholes because all they talk is shit.