Switching to Daily Posts.

Or: Upping the Pace of my Content Publishing Cadence.

Switching to Daily Posts.

An Announcement.

On 13th July 2023, I completed my 8-part foundation series. These posts saw me install some servers that may be used to host my Startups. The next step - potentially - is to weave these services into some semblance of order, twist them together so they hold up my Startups, and fold them into an easily maintainable structure.

Sadly, my current publishing tempo is not conducive to a "fail fast, fail often, fail forward" practice. To address this issue, I am looking to increase the frequency of my posts. The hope is that increasing my publication cycle will improve my development outcomes. A major concern that I have is a drop in my posts' clarity. (A rush to share my experiences may result in a garbled mess.)

I am taking this week to develop an increased publishing cycle that maintains a minimum level of lucidity and coherence. Thank you for understanding why there'll be a temporary lack of posts.

Until next time: Be safe, be kind, be awesome.