Reboot to v2.0 of

Or: New, and the Same, but with EXTRA Bits of Shiny!!


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Reboot to v2.0 of


I am rebooting to v2.0 where this (re)start will deliver consistency, cohesion, and compatibility for these topics:

  • Practical Agile, DevOps, and Business procedures,

  • A pathway to achieving the "12 Startups" challenge, and

  • An exploration of the engineering behind popular AI models.

An Introduction.

I've been using this platform since late April 2023. During May 2023, my soft launch resulted in 18 posts (not including this one) and, as a result, I came up with a firm layout, some new ideas, and a better strategic plan.

The purpose of this post is to present the new layout for this blog and identify the changes I made to its content.

A Fresh (Re)Start.

Looking back on May 2023, I noticed inconsistencies with my posts that I found triggering. I'm not sure why I have the following requirements, but I actively demand regular templates, cohesive styles, compatible shapes, harmonic systems, and rigid order. Maybe I just like to be organised. Maybe I prefer pretty patterns. Or maybe it's because I like computer programming and SysOps. All I know is that if it doesn't meet my exacting standards, I'll tear it all down and start over again. Perfection is the enemy of good, but I haven't learned to let things go. Maybe that's why I haven't achieved anything yet? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, the reboot to v2.0 of this blog marks a fresh start where I aim for consistency, struggle for cohesion, and fret over compatibility in both content and presentation. It's an opportunity to grow as a writer, programmer, and creative thinker, while sharing my ideas with the Hashnode community.

Agile, DevOps, and Business.

DevOps is a technology-agnostic philosophy, a natural way to continue a discussion about applying Agile principles to a project. In my case, I have a way to practically apply Agile principles, DevOps philosophies, and Business practices.

The "12 Startups" Project.

In May 2023, I accepted the "12 Startups in 12 Months" challenge. The name of this challenge has little ambiguity: I will own 12 Startups by the end of April 2024.

A project like this is a great way to dive deep into new technologies, new architectures, and new algorithms.

The End of the Throwback Series.

I use to have a series called Throwbacks. This series was all about re-publishing my posts from previous platforms. However, I will leave the past behind me. No one cares about yesterday. Only today matters: It defines who I'll be tomorrow.

The Start of the AI Series.

I replaced the Throwbacks series with the AI series because machine learning is of the now, and the past is... back there, somewhere.

The posts I've written during the soft launch of need to be tweaked so they better reflect my new focus on machine learning, deep learning, prompt engineering, and AI, specifically relating to these models:

  • Rix, a rule-based chatbot model,

  • ChatGPT, a large language model, and

  • Stable Diffusion, a latent diffusion model.

A New Outlook.

This relaunch is important because I want to promote a specific idea: Looking forward (AI) is better than looking back (Throwbacks).

The Results.

The reboot of to v2.0 signifies a fresh start focused on consistency, cohesion, and compatibility in both content and presentation. By shifting the blog's focus towards Agile/DevOps/Business, the 12 Startups challenge, machine learning, deep learning, prompt engineering, and AI, I aim to embrace the future and leave the past behind, while hopefully inspiring the Hashnode community.

In Conclusion.

I made a soft start to this blog in May 2023. After revising the 18 posts I made, it became obvious that I needed a generic template. This new outline needed to cover topics like AI models, software development, systems operations, and business startups. This single writing pattern had to cater to an article format, the scientific method format, and the engineering method format. Luckily, I managed to come up with the following layout:

  • TL;DR,

  • An Introduction,

  • Section Heading,

  • Section Heading,

  • The Results, and

  • In Conclusion.

Using this layout on my posts seems to work. Now that I have a consistent blueprint, I can move on with blog writing, app coding, and life living.

Until next time: Be safe, be kind, be awesome.