microPost: Why Devs Should Blog in 2024.

Or: Sharing My Stuff with the World.

microPost: Why Devs Should Blog in 2024.

In 2023, I read a few lists of really good reasons why a developer should keep a blog. These online lists are plentiful. Use your favourite search engine to get swamped with results.

The two main goals that stuck with me were:

  • A blog is a great dumping ground for technical details, and

  • A blog is a rear-view mirror to point at and say "Gee, those were dumb ideas."

Personally, I find clearing my mind of "the jargon" frees up space for more creative pursuits. When the technobabble about how to do stuff is safely tucked away, I can happily focus on building innovative solutions to common problems.

As for those "dumb ideas", I'll blissfully write a dozen Draft Titles for blog posts. Any headlines that look interesting, or useful, are treated to further development. All the rest are unceremoniously smashed by the DELETE button. Then, by the end of the week, I'll have another dozen Draft Titles to wade through. (At the time of starting this spiel, I had 31 Draft Titles, then I got rid of 14, then added another 5, making a new total by the end of this μPost (micro-post): 22 Draft Titles.)

Still, bad posts always slip past. I know they're bad because I didn't have a proper directive in 2023. They're junkers, regardless of how hard I polish. However, they're out there in the World (Wide Web) and now they have to fend for themselves.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant.