5 Reasons to Follow SoloDev.app.

Or: How to Get Some Giggles at My Expense.


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5 Reasons to Follow SoloDev.app.


5 reasons to follow SoloDev.app: Tailored content for solo developers, software development practices, homelab operations practices, business practices for SoloDevs, and learning from my strengths and flaws.

An Introduction.

Hello, world. My name is Brian, this is the SoloDev.app blog, and I have a question: If you're an independent developer, a SoloDev like me, then should you follow my blog? I have five reasons why you may want to pursue my ramblings. Let’s begin the countdown.

The purpose of this post is to present 5 reasons to follow my blog.

Reason Number 5: Designed for Solo Developers.

My content is specifically designed for SoloDevs. If you are working on your own, want to design your apps using DevOps, or want to build your own homelab, then this is the blog for you.

Reason Number 4: Software Development Practices.

SoloDev.app is where I demonstrate software practices that might work for you. I will show you exactly how I combine my programming skills with the Agile principles and the DevOps philosophy, including Testing, Continuous Integration, Containers, Security, Continuous Delivery, Container Orchestration, Cloud Hosting, and Serverless Technology. Actually, forget about cloud and serverless: I have no experience with those technologies.

Reason Number 3: Homelab Operations Practices.

SoloDev.app uses a homelab to significantly contribute to my understanding of the Operations and Security components of DevOps. I will show you the fundamentals of networking, and how to install and use the services that are needed by my apps.

Reason Number 2: Business Practices for SoloDevs.

SoloDev.app is where I combine software and networking practices with my business practices. As a developer and a sole trader, I am in the best position to share how my programming skills positively impact my business operations.

Reason Number 1: I Don't Know What I'm Doing.

Yes, I feel like a fraud. I'm not the greatest programmer and I can barely keep my homelab running (because I'm constantly fiddling with it. I'm a fiddler.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete noob. I know instantiating a class results in a method. I know it's called ECMAScript and not JavaScript. I can even describe the difference between an equation and an algorithm. Officially, I'm the proud owner of 30+ years of computer science and programming experience. However, my Imposter Syndrome is a direct result of these three points: 1. I have never applied my technical knowledge to any significant or practical purpose, 2. I have never had my technical knowledge validated by academia, and 3. I have never shared my technical knowledge with a specific community (like Hashnode, for instance). So, the real question is: What do I have to offer? i.e. What can I bring to the table?

My Major Strengths.

I have three incredibly useful skills I can share with you:

  • I can show you how I plan, both strategically and tactically,

  • I can show you how I research topics, and work the results into my plans, and

  • I can show you how I communicate big and complex ideas (like plans and research results) to different audiences.

These are the foundations on which I will build my technology startup (Point 1 in the previous section) with references and attributions (Point 2 above) while sharing my process and procedures with the Hashnode community (Point 3).

My Major Flaws.

I have two major flaws: I'm a fiddler (where I constantly tweak the projects I'm working on) and I'm a serious procrastinator (where I'll watch five hours of YouTube and then feel sad about not achieving my daily targets.)

However, if you decide to follow my blog, then maybe I'll be motivated to get more work done. I want to share my processes with a likeminded community.


So, click the ellipsis symbol (︙) below and follow my blog. Go ahead, I'll wait...


My Voice.

Rather than saying "These are the steps you should take...", I prefer to say "These are the steps I take..." The difference is that I'm not here to tell you what you should do. Instead, I'm here to show you what I actually do. For instance, I should end this post because "I have spoken."

The Results.

SoloDev.app offers valuable insights and experiences for independent developers, focusing on software development, homelab operations, and business practices. By following this blog, you can learn from my strengths, flaws, and unique voice, ultimately enhancing your own skills as a solo developer.

In Conclusion.

This post is an exercise in self-promotion, which is a major component in running my own business. See? I may not be a great programmer but I certainly have other things to offer.

Follow me.


Don't forget.

Until next time: Be safe, be kind, be awesome.