Installing Distrobox.

Or: Running Any Linux Distro on Any Linux Distro.


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Installing Distrobox.

Distrobox is a container system. The main advantages of using Distrobox include:

  • The isolation of container libraries,

  • Easy access to the host hardware, and

  • Easy access to the host file system.


Installing Distrobox on Ubuntu.

  • I update my homelab system:
sudo apt clean && sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt --fix-broken install && sudo apt autoremove -y
  • I use the Curl command to install Distrobox:
curl -s | sudo sh

NOTE: If I'm nervous about running a foreign script file, I can always download it and manually check its contents.

  • I reboot the homelab system to load the Distrobox settings into memory.

Uninstalling Distrobox.

  • The following Curl command removes Distrobox:
curl -s | sudo sh

Distrobox Environment Commands.

  • I use the following to display a list of Distrobox commands:

In Conclusion.

Now that I have Distrobox installed, I can run containers that have access to my home directory and hardware devices. I can also run GUI applications that are not packaged as Flatpak or AppImage.

Until next time: Be safe, be kind, be awesome.