12S: The "12 Startups in 12 Months" Challenge.

Or: How I Commit to Getting Shit Done in 2023.


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12S: The "12 Startups in 12 Months" Challenge.


Last Update: 5th September 2023

I've accepted the "12 Startups in 12 Months" challenge. I plan to deploy 21 utilities, and a dog blog, by the end of April 2024. I accepted this challenge for purposes of personal growth and business success. No pressure, then.

An Introduction.

I saw Andrés Arias post about accepting the "12 Startups in 12 Months" challenge that originated way back in 2014.

This idea just BLEW MY MIND!! I tossed Andrés a quick message while wiping brain matter off my monitor. I told him that I loved the idea and I'm going to do it, too. Yes, I'm hitching my wagon to his rising star!!

The purpose of this post is to present my list of (more than) 12 Startups that I will build by May 2024.

My Startups List.

My startups are business utilities and lifestyle utilities. It will be challenging to build multiple startups, considering my list is made up of at least 12 Startups. Anyway, here are my Startups, in alphabetical order, starting with (a Startup that isn't alphabetically listed)...

#01: dcx.nz.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
API library managerBusiness utility[pending]

#02: Chatopia.app.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Chat API managerBusiness utility[pending]

#03: DailyDiary.org.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Digital organiserBusiness utility[pending]

#04: DawMusic.com.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Music managerLifestyle utility[pending]

#05: digicinematic.co.nz.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Media productionBusiness utility[pending]

#06: DigitalCore.co.nz.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Business websiteBusiness utility[pending]

#07: DripMail.net.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Email publishingBusiness utility[pending]

#08: EasyDish.app.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Meal plannerLifestyle utility[pending]

#09: GardenRack.app.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Garden managerLifestyle utility[pending]

#10: GQLite.net.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Mobile graph databaseBusiness utility[pending]

#11: GroceryCart.org.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Grocery managerLifestyle utility[pending]

#12: MYOB.org.nz.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Business managerBusiness utility[pending]

#13: RecipeAlbum.org.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Recipe managerLifestyle utility[pending]

#14: Rustalia.com.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Software publishingBusiness utility[pending]

#15: SoloDev.app (this blog).

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Document publishingBusiness utility[pending]

#16: StudyMunch.com.


DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Student mealsLifestyle utilities[pending]

#17: TeslaCam360.com.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
360° DashCamLifestyle utility[pending]

#18: TheGardeningShow.org.


DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Gardening ShowLifestyle utility[pending]

#19: TheGardenShow.org.


DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Garden ShowLifestyle utility[pending]

#20: VerticalPorn.org.


DescriptionTypeKey Feature
URL investmentLifestyle utility[pending]

#21: VocalCue.com.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Dialogue managerBusiness utility[pending]

#22: Monty.co.nz.

DescriptionTypeKey Feature
Dog blogLifestyle utility[pending]

An Overview.


Most of my startups are business utilities. It seems appropriate to build startup tools that may help with managing my startup. Sure, there are lots of business management apps out there, but none of those are custom to my requirements.

Beyond 12S.

As each project is completed, I will deploy others from the following list:

Steam-Powered Tesla Turbines (A Rotorua-based 12S for battery chemistry field testing)

A Training Platform (An interactive 12S education system for distance learning)

The Results.

Embarking on an ambitious "12 Startups in 12 Months" challenge offers an exciting opportunity to develop a diverse range of business and lifestyle utilities. While it may be a demanding journey, the experience gained and the potential for success makes this enterprise a worthwhile endeavour.

In Conclusion.

This challenge is, technically, "17 Startups, and a Dog Blog, in 12 Months." The point is: If I get the foundations right, I can make lots of apps each year.

My brain is buzzing with processes, protocols, and procedures. This is going to be an EPIC AMOUNT OF FUN!! (...And work.) Yay, me.

I'm excited, and I can't wait to bash out my next post.

Until next time: Be safe, be kind, be awesome.